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1st Grade - Mr. De Herrera & Mrs. Perkins » Math in a Flash

Math in a Flash


2015 We will start this after Spring Break.

 1st grade = Math in a Flash!!!  It’s time to practice math facts!


3 Ways to practice Math Addition Facts:  Pick 1 way each night for homework!




  1. Make flash cards with these facts: Doubles: 2 through 9 (for example: 2+2, 7+7)


Doubles plus 1: (2+3, 7+8)


            = 10 facts (8+2, 7+3 etc.)


  • Cut index cards in half so each whole index card can be used for 2 facts.


  • Write a fact on one side and keep in a ziploc baggy.


(You may write the answer on the reverse side so long as it doesn’t show through) **Mix it up: Write in vertical and in horizontal form.  Mix up facts so they are not always in the same order. 


  • Work on accuracy first and then fluency (speed).


-Encourage your child to remember the facts without having to count his or her fingers.  If your child needs to count something, start with the biggest number and “count on” (say the big number and only count fingers for the smaller number).  You can use the same ideas for flash cards as you do for sight words- like playing War.  You can even write them in sand, shaving cream, or paint.


-Use a numberline if needed (a ruler works great).


  • Start with ten facts or so and then add on.


  • If you think your child is ready, make Subtraction facts!


Remind your child to think of the addition facts in reverse!  




  1. Online Practice (virtual flashcards) Try these sites and let me know if there are other apps that you have found and like.[0]=addition&level=1


Don’t forget Eduss!!!  (Directions for independent math activities at your child’s level went home at the beginning of the year.  I can get you directions if you need them again.)


  1. Fill in the Blank- Dry-Erase Practice IN FOLDERS Have your child write the missing number to match fact families and related addition and subtraction facts. Your child will reuse the sheet. -Please leave math pages in the plastic sleeve. Do not use pen or pencil.  Use Dry Erase Markers only.  This looks just like our test format.


-Time your child for 1 minute to see how many he or she can get.  Time your child to see how long it takes to do the whole page- all 20. 


-Have your child try to beat his or her time or increase his or her number of correct facts. 


-Have your child do the whole page for 1 practice.