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1st Grade - Mr. De Herrera & Mrs. Perkins » Science & Social Studies Units

Science & Social Studies Units

Monthly Science and Social Studies UNITS

First Grade 2015-2016


Social studies: Fables and Folk Tales
Science: Astronomy, Sun, moon, stars, planets



Social Studies: Maps, Continents, Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt; Major World religions

Science: Human Body Systems: Digestive, Circulatory, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous;

Germs, Scientist Study: Edward Jenner, Louis Pasteur



Science: States of Matter, Inside Earth- crust, mantle, core;

Social Studies: New World Exploration Review Columbus, Pilgrims, Puritans, Native Americans in North America



Social Studies Different Lands Similar Stories; Fairy Tales around the World (Geography Unit)

Science: Geology Rocks and Minerals



Social Studies: American Revolution, 13 Colonies, American Symbols

Scientist study: Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison

Science: Electricity



Social Studies: American Revolution continued

Science:  Habitats and Living Things; Scientist: Rachel Carson, the Oceans


Science: Habitats continued

Social Studies: Westward Expansion 



Science: Taking Care of our Earth (Pollution, 3 R’s)

Social Studies:Maya, Inca, Aztec Ancient American Civilizations



Science: Measurement, Temperature/Seasons

Social Studies: Mexico- Present-day; Geography Review, Maps and Landforms